Tuesday, July 22, 2014

JUNE 2014 Printed Matter Mailing!

Late last month I mailed the most recent packet of printed matter from the Personal Libraries Library! They should all be safely in members' hands. Included in the mailing were two letterpress prints made specially for the Library's inclusion in the Portland2014 Biennial this Spring. 

One announces the evidenced Readings of the Library by Tom Prochaska, Louis Schalk and Diana Pembor. The Readings are published by Publication Studio and are available to purchase!

The other small print contains the Rules of the Library made by Larissa Hammond in conjunction with her organization schema of the PLL collections.

Also included is the next When Looking Down is Looking Up poster (2.2); a beautiful engraving of the Moon. And, the following poster of a spread from Evelyn Stefansson's Within the Circle, from the Robert Smithson Personal Library.

For any questions about the Library, Collections or books, please contact the Librarian at personallibraries{at}gmail{dot}com.  Every member of the PLL receives bi-annual packets of printed matter.

PLL at Tacoma Art Museum / Ink This! Contemporary Print Arts in the Northwest

An arrangement of printed matter from the Personal Libraries Library from 2009-2014 is part of Ink This! Contemporary Print Arts in the Northwest at the Tacoma Art Museum. Also included in the exhibition, to name just a few: Tom Prochaska, Christy Wyckoff, Barb Tetenbaum, Morgan Walker, Matthew Letzelter, Yoshi Kitai, Kate Copeland, Palmarin Merges, and Sarah Horowitz. The exhibition is curated by Margaret Bullock.

June 7 - November 9
Tacoma Art Museum
1701 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98402